Patricia Niclós

architect & artist

NEW art work in evolution!

fossils, branches ,window trees...
oxides natures

last exhibition in

Status Aparte LIER

Lier 14 oct-14 nov 2017
Opening 14 october

Grote Markt 76
2500 Lier

Parcours St.Gilles
art company BRUSSELS
Expo collective FRAGILE

Bruxelles 28 may-6 june 2016
Chaussée de Charleroi 251a
1060 Bruxelles

Affordable Art Fair,
One of the 6 YOUNG TALENTS,

Bruxelles 26-29 february 2016
Tour & Taxis Brussels

Carte de Visite | ARTopenKUNST

Bruxelles 12-14 february 2016
Anciens établissements Vanderborght